2.4 Tracking

All Hog 4 family consoles are tracking by default which means the Hog 4 OS records only changed cue data into cues and scenes allowing unchanged data that was recorded in previous cues and scenes to track through until a change is recorded for that particular fixture parameter.

Below is an example of how a series of cues might be seen by a viewing audience:

Fixture: A B C
Cue 1 100 50 100
Cue 2 100 25 50
Cue 3 100 75 75

With a non-tracking console, each value would have to be recorded into each cue as displayed above. However, with a tracking console such as the Hog 4, the only data that really needs to be recorded is much simpler as shown in the table below:

Fixture: A B C
Cue 1 100 50 100
Cue 2   100  
Cue 3  75 

As you can see fixture A only has to be recorded at 100% in cue 1 because that value will track all the way from cue 1 to cue 3. On the other hand, since fixtures B and C change value in each cue, the tracking console needs to have unique values recorded in each cue.

When discussing the contents of a cue or the state of playback on stage, the following terms are commonly used: