23.4 Triggering Cues from LTC

Cuelist can be assigned to listen to a single LTC source. To select an LTC timecode source for a cuelist:

  1. OpenChoose : opens the Cuelist window.

  2. OptionsCuelist : go to the Cuelist pane of the Playback Options window.

  3. Select LTC timecode source from the drop down list. Each source will have a node name and an index.

  4. Once you have chosen the timecode source ensure that the Enable Timecode button is selected.


There is an Enable Timecode button in the Cuelist window, so you can easily enable and disable timecode during programming and playback without having to open the Playback Options window each time.

To trigger a cue from timecode:

  1. OpenChoose : open the Cuelist window.

  2. Select the Wait cell for the cue, and press Set.

  3. From the toolbar, select Timecode.

  4. Enter a timecode value in hours, minutes, seconds and frames, in the form hh/mm/ss.ff, then press Enter.

As well as entering timecode values manually, you can use Hog 4 OS's learn timing function to quickly associate timecode values with cues; see Learn Timing.

By default, cuelists will follow the incoming timecode, even if the timecode skips forwards or backwards; generally, this is a useful behaviour as, for example, you might ‘rewind’ the timecode during rehearsals to repeat a part of the show, and the cuelist will automatically go to the correct cue. Sometimes you may want to prevent a cuelist going backwards if the timecode goes backwards. You can do this using Trigger Forwards Only:

  1. Open + ChooseOptionsCuelist

  2. Select Trigger Forwards Only.