32.4 The console appears to have crashed or frozen

Hog 4 OS runs as a series of separate ‘processes’ that can start and stop individually. Often, when the console appears to have crashed or frozen, it is only one process that is causing the problem, while the rest of the processes are still running normally. In particular, an editor or the desktop may crash, while playback continues normally. Before restarting the entire console, therefore, you should see if the problem can be cured by restarting the individual process:

  1. Pig + Open + Backspace : open the Launched Processes window; see Figure 32.1, “The Launched Processes window”.

  2. Kill processes that are not responding by right clicking on them and selecting Kill.

  3. Restart the process by right clicking and selecting Restart. An exception is the Editor process which will disappear when killed; you can restart it by re-opening the Programmer or an editor window.

Figure 32.1. The Launched Processes window

The launched processes window