2.11 Undo and Redo

The Undo button found on the Main Toolbar is similar to the undo command found in computer applications, allowing the user to work back through the last commands entered by the user, undoing them each time the button is pressed. In the Hog 4 OS the undo key is global, working back through operations in chronological order, and you can go back all the way to the point at which you logged on to the console (generally, this is when you started the console up). In cases where multiple consoles are networked together the undo task will only undo actions of the local desk.

Pressing the Pig button, together with the Undo button, will redo the last undone action. Again, if you have gone back through several undos, you can redo repeatedly until you get back to the most recent action.

The undo and redo feature works on your show data, but generally not on other things.

Undo is not available for:

If undo is not available, you will always be asked to confirm important changes before they take place.