23.3 Viewing Incoming LTC

You can view the LTC being processed by any DP8000 in the sytem by openning the Timecode Toolbar associated with that DP8000:

  1. SetupNetwork : open the Network window.

  2. Select the DP8000 in the list that you wish to view incoming LTC (for LTC inputs directly into a console this is going to be the DP8000 that is running internally on that console)

  3. Settings : opens the Settings window

  4. Click on the view timecode toolbar button associated with the LTC index you wish to view.

If you have a cuelist with a timecode source assigned in the options for that cuelist then you can open the Timecode Toolbar with the View Timecode button in the Cuelist window.

From left to right the Timecode Toolbar displays the logical name of the timecode source, the index number for that source, the timecode type, the timecode format, the timecode clock value, and the number of frames generated by the console / the number frames the console is configured to auto-generate when the incoming timecode source stutters or drops out.

Figure 23.1. The Timecode Toolbar

The timecode toolbar