17.2 Virtual Master Playback

You can run cuelists without assigning them to a physical master by using virtual masters. An almost unlimited number of virtual masters running different cuelists can be in operation at any one time.

You can operate virtual masters from directory windows or from the command line.


You can press List + Release to release all running cuelists playing back as virtual masters.

17.2.1 Running Cuelists, Scenes, and Batches from the Directory Windows

You can run cuelists, scenes, and batches from their respective directory windows using the steps below:

  • Open the list, scene, or batch directory window.

    For example to open the list directory window: Open + List or List, List

Make sure that the Guard button at the top of the directory window is deselected. Now pressing and releasing any button in the directory will play back that object as if Go had been pressed. In addtion, holding your finger down on the directory button is the equivalent of holding that master's Choose key, which allows you to use the central playback controls to act upon that virtual master.

The buttons in the directory are coloured to show the cuelist status:

  • Green: actively cross-fading

  • Red: paused in the middle of a cross-fade.

  • Purple:  releasing.

  • Grey: overridden / stomped on by another cuelist or scene

  • Blue: active on stage and halted

  • Teal:  active on stage, halted, and running effects.

  • Orange:  actively marking values.

  • Dark Blue: active onstage, halted, and controlling fixtures that are assigned to a plot.

Screenshot fragment of the Cuelist Directory with live cuelists and
							one cuelist fading.

17.2.2 Using the Play Controls Toolbar to Play a Cuelist, Scene, or Batch

To run a cuelist, scene, or batch from the master window:

  1. Open the master window for the cuelist, scene, or batch.

    For example: [List 1], Open

  2. Press the Play Controls button at the top of the master window. The on-screen playback controls will appear:

    Screenshot fragment of Play Controls in Cuelist

The controls are, from left to right, the Go, Halt/Back, Skip Back, Skip Forward, and Release buttons. These controls function independently from their front panel equivalents and always execute based on how they are labeled.

17.2.3 Running Virtual Masters from the Command Line

To run a virtual master from the command line type in the object's name, followed by its number, followed by enter. For example, to send a go command to cuelist 1 you would type List 1, Enter . So send a go command to scene 1 you would type Scene 1, Enter .