28.1 Connectivity Overview

In addition to Art-Net and DMX, Hog 4 OS consoles can control visualizers through direct Hog Visualizer Connectivity via the FixtureNet network. This requires that the Hog 4 Connectivity application be installed on the visualization computer and that both the visualizer software and console software settings be properly configured. This section describes how to install the Hog 4 Connectivity application on your visualiser computer, how to physically connect the console to the visualizer PC, and how to configure both the visualizer PC and Console to enable direct Hog Visualizer Connectivity.

Visualizer applications that support Hog Visualizer Connectivity:

Capture: www.capturesweden.com

ESP Vision: www.espvision.com

Light Converse: www.lightconverse.net

Martin Show Designer: www.martin.com

WYSIWYG/Cast: www.castlighting.com

For visualizer product information, software licensing, and instructions on visualizer operation, please contact the visualizer manufacturer directly.