26.1 Creating, Running, and Managing Report Queries

The reporting tool of the Hog 4 OS enables users to quickly search for specific programming in the current show file by creating custom queries that search for specific show data. For example, you may want to identify which fixtures in the show are referencing position palette 12 in list 43. This data can quickly be found by running a report that queries for this data.

Reports are generated by running a report query which identifies which data you want the console to search for. This section will cover how to build, save, delete, and run report queries.

Follow these instructions of for building a new query:

  1. Hold the OPEN key and press the “Report” button on the main toolbar to open a new reporting window.

  2. Choose an option from the drop down menu for “Find programming that matches”:

    - When set to “all of the following” the console will only return data that matches all the query statements.

    - When set to “any of the following” the console will return data that matches any of the query statements.

  3. At least one query statement is required in the query pane of the report window in order for the console to successfully run the report. To add or subtract query statements use the + and X buttons to the right of each query statement.

  4. Once you are finished editing the query press the “Run” button.

  5. The console will now run the query against the data in the show file and post the results of the query in the bottom half of the reporting window.

Follow these instruction to save a query:

  1. Create a query in the query section of the report window.

  2. Press the “Save Query” button.

  3. Name the query in the save query dialogue box.

  4. Press OK

  5. The saved query will be listed in the query drop down menu at the top left of the report window. To recall a saved query simply select the query from the drop down menu.

Follow these instruction to delete a query:

  1. Select a saved query from the "queries" drop down menu at the top left of the report window.

  2. Press the “Delete Query” button


    If you have a show file that contains reporting queries that you find particularly useful and that you wish to use in other show files then you can use the show merge utility to merge those report queries into other show files.