The First Family of Bright White light LED engine spot luminaires
High End Systems offers a fully realized family of automated spot luminaires for every imaginable application, all featuring our Bright White LED engines, plus the beautiful colors and stunning effects you’ve come to expect from HES. State-of-the-art color mixing systems plus fixed colors offer a limitless palette, while a plethora of pattern and beam effects can be produced with the SolaSpot’s smooth zoom, iris, rotating and fixed gobos, and much more. The only limit is your imagination.
SolaSpot Pro CMY
SolaSpot Pro CMY

Energy efficient yet packed with effects and enough horsepower to replace existing 700w arc fixtures

Feature rich and budget friendly, the SolaSpot Pro CMY LED uses a 320-watt Bright White LED source to create pure white and beautiful saturated colors. It's a perfect fit for all but the largest applications.

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SolaSpot 1000
SolaSpot 1000

Lightweight and compact, the SolaSpot Pro 1000 offers high intensity and a full feature set for complete creative freedom.

A 440-watt Bright White LED engine and specially designed optics allow the SolaSpot 1000 to boldly shine through the crowd, while the cutting edge rotating Animation wheel, fixed gobo and color wheels, CMY/CTO system, iris, frost, prism, and zoom create a cornucopia of lighting effects.

SolaSpot 2000
SolaSpot 2000

Powered by a 600-watt Bright White LED source with output suitable for the largest and most demanding performance applications, HES' SolaSpot 2000 offers pure white, gorgeous colors and an unprecedented amount of effects. The SolaSpot Pro 2000 is unequaled in sheer output and creative possibilities. SolaSpot 2000 is available in Ultra Brite and High CRI versions.


SolaSpot Pro 1000

SolaSpot Pro 2000


Spot Fixtures Comparison Chart

  SolaSpot 1000 SolaSpot 2000
Ultra Brite 18,000 Lumens
CRI > 75
25,000 Lumens
CRI > 75
Daylight High CRI NA 20,000 Lumens
CRI > 90
Variable CMY + Linear CTO yes yes
Zoom 11°-48° 7°-47°
Fixed colors 7 6
Replaceable Fixed gobos 6 + Open No
Replaceable Indexing/Rotating gobos 7 + Open Two wheels each with 6 + open
Framing system No No
Animation Linear Two Independent Wheels
Frost Light Frost Light Frost
Prism 4 Facet Linear 4 Facet Linear and
3 Facet Triangular
Iris Yes Yes
Available in white fixture body Special Order Special Order
Weight 28.6 kg 42 kg
Road case Included Included