booting to black on both displays

Digital Lighting Support

Updated: May 20 , 2008

Product: Axon Media Server

Subject: Booting to black on both displays

There have been reports of Axon Media Servers being recognized by the CMA upon booting but failing to display on either screen. In these cases, the Axon had XPE version v2.0.5. The video card in the unit was an HD2900. The HD2900 video card wasn’t supported until Axon XPE v2.1.0. Since there were no drivers for that video card model in the installed image, XPE can't support it.

There are two possible reasons for this result:

  1. The video card was swapped with a newer one without proper re-imaging.
  2. The unit was re-imaged with the wrong XPE disc.

Any time you change to a different video card, especially a newer video card, you MUST use the current XPE Recovery Image from the High End System website to ensure the proper drivers are there to support that card.

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