Loose Lens Mount Can Cause Lens to Fall from Unit


Date:  November 27,2012

Product:  TechnoSpot

Subject:  Important Service Bulletin Regarding TechnoSpot

Dear customers and lighting technicians,

We have had a report of a single Technospot output lens mount loosening to the point that the output lens and front bezel separated from the fixture. As always High End Systems recommends that qualified technicians review all products used on shows or tours to make sure all external components are secure.

It is recommended that a preventative service procedure be applied to Technospots to insure that the output lens and front bezel remain securely attached to the fixtures frame.
This includes applying a thread locker such as a Loctite ™ #262 or equivalent to the threads of the screws that secure the output lens mount. Screws securing the front bezel and front lens mounting plate should be tightened to 120 centi Newton metres.

We have prepared a how to video, available below, showing the process.
High End Systems appreciates your attention to this detail.

If you have problems viewing the video below, please right click and choose "Save Link as..." to download the video from either link:
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Best regards,
High End Systems

You can contact our support department at +1.800.890.8989 or 1.512.836.2242 with any questions.