Legacy Spares

Please note: All prices are in US Dollars and are EXW Austin, Texas, USA!


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Web: http://www.lightparts.com/
Email: parts@lightparts.com
Axon (blue) Programmer Wing III
AF1000 Playback Wing III
CAT Server Programmer
Color Power Playback Wing RH III
Color Pro Road Hog 3
Color Merge Showgun 2.0
Cyberlight 2.0 Studio Spot 575 H - I-I Zoom
Cyberlight Studio Color 250
DL1 Studio Command H
DL2 Studio Command 1200
DP2000 Studiopix
EC2 Studio Spot 250
EC1 /ES1 Studio Beam
Expansion Wing III Showbeam 2.5
HogII Showpix
F100 230W Studio Command 700
F100 115W Studio Color 575
Full Boar 3 Studio Spot 575 CMY Zoom
Hog 500 Technobeam
Hog 1000 Trackspot
Hog 3 X-Spot

Recommended Spare Parts


Hog 3 [pdf]
Hog iPC [pdf]
Road Hog 3 [pdf]
Full Boar 3 [pdf]