ACL Moody Theatre Upgrades With High End Systems LED Lighting

The January installation of an all-LED High End Systems lighting rig at the Moody Theatre, home of KLRU’s Austin City Limits, is helping to usher in a new era for the beloved 44 year-old public television broadcast, and for the 2018 season at ACL Live. A joint project driven by Stratus Properties CEO Beau Armstrong and supported by ACL Lighting Director Walter Olden of Olden Lighting, the install includes ten SolaHyBeam 1000s, 12 SolaFrame 750s, nine SolaSpot 1000s and 12 SolaSpot 2000s, with control via Hog 4 Full Boar and DP8000 processors.

ACL Moody Theater

Photo (L-R): Walter Olden, John Wheatley, HES’ Bobby Hale, Bryan Schrumpf, HES’ Lowell Fowler

Armstrong commented, “The modernization of Moody Theatre's lighting system with LED automated lighting from High End Systems has added a vast array of artistic capabilities for the production team and created an improved audience experience. Concurrently, it has decreased our overall power consumption, enhanced our LEED certification, and eliminated wasteful metal halide replacement lamps. I am excited to continue our business partnership with an Austin based global supplier of entertainment lighting!”

Olden points out, “In television, consistency in color temperature is extremely important, and the beauty of this rig is that we don’t have to change lamps, or worry about their degradation. With additional fixtures in the front, we now have the ability to cover any spot a performer might use. The HEX and QUAD allow for new aerial effects with multiple colors and angles; all this gives us more creative potential to make each show a bit more special and unique.”

In addition to KLRU’s broadcasts, the venue is also home to ACL Live, a premiere concert showcase for national touring acts and emerging talent. ACL Live Lighting Designer Bryan Schrumpf enthused, “HES has always been a big part of ACL, and I was thrilled to get a more diverse range of instruments. I am amazed how quiet the rig is, and how bright these fixtures are. Everything about this new gear is a dream come true!”

ACL Live Production Manager John Wheatley added, “High End Systems’ latest products bring the Moody back to the forefront with the newest and best LED technology. Stratus Properties is proud of their venue and has always strived to keep the Moody up to date with the best in concert production, so that the fan gets the best experience possible. Walter Olden and Bryan Schrumpf have been instrumental in the lighting for the Moody. Walter is iconic and his input and expertise have been essential since the concept of the venue.”

In closing, HES Founder Lowell Fowler commented, “We are elated to continue 20+ years sharing the stage with Austin City Limits. ACL Live touring acts are sure to appreciate the many artistic capabilities this new technology offers.”

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