HES SolaSpots Energize Fairy Tale Festival

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HES SolaSpots Energize Fairy Tale Festival

February 2017

High End Systems SolaSpot Pro CMY LED fixtures were recently used to add depth, effects and gorgeous texture to the Fairy Tale Festival in Lithuania, held February 24th through the 26th in the small town of Pakruojis. The Fairy Tale festival is much more than a beautiful architectural lighting production; it features the creation and exhibition of elaborate ice sculptures, giving the audience the stronger feeling of being ‘inside’ a fairy tale environment by connecting architectural lighting with ice sculptures.

Lighting Designer Arvydas Buinauskas of AB Light used a dozen SolaSpot Pro CMY LED fixtures for the festival, placed 30 meters from the building at two meter intervals. Arvydas and his team employed custom gobos for the SolaSpots, which were primarily used to create image mapping effects on the building. He comments, “We used two different custom gobos during the event. It required some time to look through the internet and find the perfect ones - textures that would fit the theme of the event.

In addition to the main ‘Pakruojis Manor’ structure, the surrounding grounds and accompanying ice sculptures were also illuminated, reinforcing the ‘fairy tale’ theme in the space. “Most of the SolaSpots were used to light the main building, while we used the rest to illuminate other buildings, ice sculptures and surrounding trees. We had eight people on the team to accomplish this by taking different tasks, like distributing electricity, connecting light heads, and programming the effects.”

Joining Arvydas on the team were Modestas Baltrušaitis, Tadas Jašinskas, Dominykas Darulis, Deividas Riškus, Kasparas Danilevičius, Žygimantas Vosylius and Aurimas Karčiauskas. Photography by: Paulius Varonenka.


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