HOG 4 On Deck For WWE Live in Mexico City

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HOG 4 On Deck For WWE Live in Mexico City

January 2017

Lighting Designer Brandon Spratt of BDS Designs, LLC specified a full size Hog 4 console to control his lighting rig for a recent WWE Live production in Mexico City. Serpro was the equipment provider in Mexico City, and Brandon says he was sure to specify HOG 4 when the time came for gear to be ordered.

Spratt has been honing his craft since high school, and relies on the Hog to confidently run his shows glitch-free. He says, “Ever since attending my first concert as a kid I’ve been drawn toward the technical end, and was always looking to see what was around me being used to make it all work - and it was the lighting that drew my attention most. I lived in a suburb of Philadelphia, and there were many production companies in the area. I was behind my first major lighting console by age 15!”

He continues, “I’ve been using HOG desks since I started in the early 2000s, but it was actually an MA that I first got behind. It was intimidating but I was able to wrap my head around it and execute what I needed to get the show done; I was aware there was a lot I had to learn at that point. The next show we went with HOG 1000 which was great. I just found it to be a little easier to use, and I noticed I was executing what I needed faster while still producing the looks I wanted … I was not sacrificing anything. From then out I just continued to keep up with the product, and when the Hog 4 family launched I started to spec them more and more.”

For WWE Mexico City the LD used a Hog 4 flagship console, utilizing six on-board universes. “The main reason I prefer the Hog is just comfort. I know when I go to do something live it’s going to do that thing. With other consoles that I’m not so comfortable with, I always have that worry in the back of my mind that I may hit something but not get the result I actually wanted.”

Like many LDs, Brandon usually sets up his console to fit the specifics of the lighting rig. He comments, “I use my Groups window to build an aerial view of my plot so I can select exactly what I want. I’ll also record groups, etc. for simple presets and all that fun stuff, and I usually use two external monitors - one with Output, the second with any other necessary info for that particular show. I like to keep my Cuelist window in the small lower third screen next to the faders.”

In closing, Brandon says, “I am very lucky to become a part of WWE. I started back in 2013 and have had amazing opportunities with them. There is always something fun and exciting happening, and the best part is it never stops. Year round we are always busy and I have travelled to places I never dreamed of going to, so I am very thankful for WWE and the busy schedule it allows me to keep. Being able to design and execute shows for WWE is a thrill in itself, and we are always trying something new - which is what keeps it so interesting.


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