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"A Richard Belliveau Concept"

Offering awesome power, incredible speed and total flexibility, SHAPESHIFTER is the new and innovative range from High End Systems. Designed by Richard Belliveau, prepare to have your mind shifted!

7 independently controlled modules housed in one moving fixture create a multitude of highly defined beams coming together to form an amazing array of effects from the incredibly bold to the ultra subtle. All elements of the fixture are lightning fast giving the designer the largest palette of creative options available, all from one fixture.

Featuring custom lensing and ultra bright LED’s SHAPESHIFTER is the brightest LED range available today!

Alongside total control High End Systems has provided Module Macros with almost 150 available to the user. These have been custom written to provide the user with a fast and intuitive way to create powerful effects in a very short space of time. These Macros are further enhanced by speed and cross fade controls.

High End Systems are true innovators and SHAPESHIFTER is the fulcrum of the new generation of LED products being released. RESHAPE THE GAME!





LED Type

Cree XPE 2 Cree XPE 2 Cree XPE 2 Cree XPE 2

LED Number Total

126 126 63 63

LED Number White

- 126 - 63

LED Number Red

42 - 21 -

LED Number Green

42 - 21 -

LED Number Blue

42 - 21 -


24,000* 27,000^ 12,000* 13,500^

LED Hours

50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000

Custom Integrated Lens

Yes Yes Yes Yes

High Contrast Beams

Yes Yes Yes Yes

10 Degree Beam Angle

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Ultra Fast Pan and Tilt Movement

Yes Yes Yes Yes

7 Modules With Discrete Control

Yes Yes Yes Yes

6 Moving Modules- 36° X/Y Movement

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Onboard Dynamic Macros

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Indigo Backlighter LEDs

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Color LCD Menu With Battery

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Environmental Fan Control

Yes Yes Yes Yes

RDM Compatible

Yes Yes Yes Yes


Single Single Dual Dual

Auto Switching Power Supply

Yes Yes Yes Yes

5 Pin DMX/ RDM Connector

Yes Yes Yes Yes

3 Pin DMX/ RDM Connector

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Powercon Connector

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Modular Construction

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Fast Service Design

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Electronic Cooling System Control

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Pan and Tilt Locks

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yoke Arm Handles

Yes Yes No No
Electrical / Physical / Compliance


100-240VAC @ 50-60Hz 100-240VAC @ 50-60Hz 100-240VAC @ 50-60Hz 100-240VAC @ 50-60Hz



Fixture Dimensions (inches)

15.3 x 12.6 x 25.4 15.3 x 12.6 x 25.4 15.3 x 12.6 x 22.4 15.3 x 12.6 x 22.4

Fixture Dimensions (mm)

388 x 320 x 645 388 x 320 x 645 388 x 320 x 569 388 x 320 x 569

Fixture Weight (lbs)

59.3 59.3 45.2 45.2

Fixture Weight (kg)

26.9 26.9 20.5 20.5

Road Case Dimensions (inches)

26 x 23 x 31 26 x 23 x 31 37 x 23 x 30 37 x 23 x 30

Road Case Dimensions (mm)

660 x 584 x 787 660 x 540 x 787 940 x 584 x 762 940 x 584 x 762

Gross Road Case Weight (lbs)

134.0 134.0 195 195

Gross Road Case Weight (kg)

61 61 89 89

* Patents Pending
* Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice
* One year product warranty and technical support 

1 RGB Lumens are calculated by comparing the combined energy levels of SHAPESHIFTER WRGBCMY to a theatrical metal halide color changing fixture and creating a factor.

23 points (center, middle, edge)

High End Systems products are protected by one or more patents listed below and/or subject to one or more pending patents.
For patent information please go to ""


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Fixture Library Support

Hog 4 Fixture Library Downloads

Latest Full Fixture Library v4.16.151 compatible with Hog 4 OS v3.6.0 and greater (List of fixtures in library)

To download the latest individual library files not yet included in the full library: Library Downloader Site

To request a fixture library please visit this link: Hog Library Request Form

Instructions on how to install fixture libraries on Hog 4 OS Consoles: Fixture Library Installation Quick Guide

Reliability/Testimonials: SHAPESHIFTER

  • BIO


    Matthew Guminski


    LD: Neon Trees

    Theatrical-Industrial-Architectural Lighting Design
    Matthew Guminski - Principal

    Neon Trees Pop Psychology Tour

    Approx 60 Shows
    Tour: May - July (and One Offs through December)


    "Durability, reliability, and functionality are key elements I look for when spec'ing out new fixtures. High End Systems Shapeshifters fill all three of these requirements and then some. A stand out fixture in any rig, the Shapeshifter is a signature luminary that creates unique movement, texture, and effects that are unmatched by any other fixture."

    "I was helping debut the fixture for HES on the 60 shows and we had one issue. I immediately contacted High End Systems, they promptly addressed it. I was never concerned about the reliability of the fixture. I found that the fixture stood up to the most tried and true fixtures on the market. They held up to all the wear that comes with touring."

    "Video Directors all the way down to Stagehands comment on the look of the physical fixture and how unique it is. Once I fire the fixture up and show them what it can do their minds immediately get 'Shifted'."

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