31.1 QWERTY Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use an external keyboard to operate many of the Hog 4 OS's functions. This is especially useful if you are using Hog 4 PC.

You can toggle keyboard shortcuts on and off using the Pause or Break key on the computer keyboard. When shortcuts are enabled (known as map mode), the computer keyboard is mapped to the shortcuts; when disabled, text entry via the computer keyboard is possible. The current status is shown in the Command Line Toolbar; see Figure 31.1, “Keyboard Status in the Command Line Toolbar”. Whenever possible, Hog 4 OS intelligently disables the keyboard shortcuts when text entry is expected (after pressing Set or double clicking in a cell). When the text entry session is completed, the shortcuts are automatically re-enabled.

By default, shortcuts are disabled when you start a show. When shortcuts are disabled, only the shortcut mapped to the Set key remains functional to allow quick labeling from the external keyboard.

Figure 31.1. Keyboard Status in the Command Line Toolbar

Screenshot fragments showing the keyboard status in the command line toolbar

The following table show how keys map to Hog 4 OS functions when using a US keyboard:

Function Keystroke Function Keystroke
Toggle Shortcuts Pause/Break or Ctrl + Q Main GO } or ] or Space
Pig CTRL Main Pause { or [
Open ESC or O Skip Fwd K
Set NumLock or Insert or i Skip Back J
Intensity F11 Goto G
Position F2 Release Z
Colour F3 Pig + Release ALT + Z
Beam F4 Assert A
Effects F7 Next Page : or ;
Macro F5 @ ' or @
Group F1 Full ~ or #
Fixture F12 Thru *, > or X
Scene F9 Minus (-) - or _
Cue F10 Plus (+) = or +
List F8 slash (/) / or ?
Page F6 Point (.) . or >
Record R Choose Master 1-10 ALT + 1 - 0
Merge E GO Master 1-10 TAB + 1 - 0
Move M Pause Master 1-10 Backspace + 1-0
Copy P Undo CTRL + Z
Delete D or Delete Redo CTRL + Y
Update U Visual Cut CTRL + X
Live V Visual Copy CTRL + C
Time T Visual Paste CTRL + V
Setup S Visual Select Range CTRL + cursors
Control L Backspace backspace
Fan F Enter Enter
Highlight H GM \ and or |
Blind B Central Choose ALT + -
Clear C Bottom Right toolbar TAB + F1 - F12
Next N Top Right toolbar (main toolboar in nano mode) ALT + F1 - F12
Back Y