1.1 About this Manual

This manual describes the Hog 4 OS as it pertains to the Hog 4 range of consoles (Hog 4, Full Boar 4, Road Hog 4, HedgeHog 4, Nano Hog 4, Rack Hog 4, and Hog 4 PC).

Some of the information contained in this manual will only apply to specific consoles in the Hog 4 family but that information will be clearly identified as console specific.

In this manual the word ‘key’ is used to indicate a hardware button on the console's front panel. For example: ‘press the Enter key’. The word ‘button’, when used in this manual, refers to ‘virtual’ buttons that can be pressed on the touch screens or clicked on with the Trackball or mouse.

This manual can be read in any order but if you haven't used a Hog 4 console before you may want to start with the Hog 4 OS Fundamentals

You can open your console's built in User Manual at any time by pressing the Help button on the Window Control Toolbar, at the top of the right-hand screen.