3.5 Adding Playback Wings

You can increase the number of physical masters on your console as well as add an additional touchscreen monitor by attaching a Hog 4 Playback Wing.

Figure 3.13. Docking Playback Bars with wings and external displays

Diagram of console with wing, and Playback Bars docked suitably.

To attach a Playback Wing:

  1. Apply AC power to the wing and connect the wing's USB port and DVI port to the console.

  2. SetupControl PanelWings : open the Wings pane of the Control Panel window (see Figure 3.14, “The Wings pane of the Control Panel with Playback Wing Mapping”).

  3. Attach the wing to one of the playback bars by selecting the wing's unique ID number in the drop down menu for the corresponding master range.

  4. If you have more than one wing, you can identify which is which by pressing the Beacon button for the appropriate playback bar. The LEDs on the wing will flash.

  5. Ensure that the playback bar is visible by selecting its Display button.

  6. Enable the external monitor included on the wing navigate to the Dispalys tab of the control panel and enable the cordinating DVI output where you plugged in the wing.

    NOTE: The Full Boar 4’s DVI-D monitor output connections do not support analog output to VGA displays such as those featured on the older Full Boar 3 playback and programming wings.

Figure 3.14. The Wings pane of the Control Panel with Playback Wing Mapping

The wings pane of the control panel