5.10 Creating Palettes and Groups Automatically

Hog 4 OS can create groups and palettes automatically, based on the fixtures in your show. This rapidly gives you a set of ‘building blocks’ to start programming with. To use the Auto Palettes function:

  1. SetupPatch : open the Fixture window.

  2. Click on the Auto Palettes button (located in the toolbar at the top of the Fixture window) and select from the options in the Auto Palettes window; see Figure 5.11, “The Auto Palettes window”.

  3. Click on Generate.

Figure 5.11. The Auto Palettes window

The Auto-palettes window with default options

You can choose to have the console automatically make:

The Auto Palettes window also allows you to choose the alignment spacing of the palette's directory window. The alignment spacing controls how many palettes are displayed across the directory window; for example 6 for a half screen window, 12 for a full screen window.

For more information on groups and palettes, see Groups and Palettes.