7.1 Auto-Generating Groups

The quickest and easiest way to create groups is via the auto-palettes button in the fixture window. Several group options exist when auto-paletting including how many different group combinations for each fixture type you want to generate (maximum group repeat) and whether you would like to generate groups based on notes written in the patch window (make group notes).

When the "Make Note Groups" option is turned on a set of groups (in addition to the normally generated groups) will be created based on the fixture notes written in the notes column of the fixture window. For example, if you add a "downstage wash" note to Solaspots 1<5, then a auto-generating groups with the note option turned on will result in a "downstage wash" group being created that contains Solaspots 1<5. See Creating Palettes and Groups Automatically for more details on this feature.