5.12 Auto-Patch

AutoPatch is an easy way to quickly detect and patch fixtures that are connected and properly configured on the console's FixtureNet port. The following fixtures are currently supported by Hog 4 OS for autopatch:

Arkaos MediaMaster (Software v5.0.3)
High End Systems Axon HD (Software v1.0.3)
High End Systems Axon HD Pro (Software v1.0.3)
High End Systems DL.HD (Software v1.0.3)
High End System MMS-100 (Software v1.0.3)


The IP address of the fixture/mediaserver must be set within subnetwork of the Hog console's FixtureNet port. Failing to do so will result in the fixture/mediaserver not being detected. If the fixture/mediaserver is set to obtain an IP address using DHCP and no DHCP server is present, users are advised to set the console's fixture net port to with a netmask of which will ensure auto-IP compatibility.

To auto-patch fixtures connected to the console's FixtureNet network:

  1. Open the Fixture Window.

  2. Click on the "Auto-Patch" button.

  3. The console will begin searching for fixtures that are auto-patch compatible. Once the search is complete a list of auto-patchable fixtures will appear in the "select fixtures to auto-patch" window.

  4. Select the fixtures you wish to auto-patch and press okay.

  5. Hog 4 OS will use the information supplied by the fixtures to:

    • Schedule the fixtures.

    • Patch the fixtures to the appropriate dmx channels using the lowest available Hog universe.

    • Establish an ArtNet output mapping to the fixture in the art-net outputs tab of the DP8000 node settings window.

  6. If conflcits exist between the show's current patch and the fixture's settings, Hog 4 OS will complete as much of the auto-patch as possible and display a warning message for any part of the process that did not succeed.