8.5 Copying and Moving Palettes

To make a copy of a palette in a new location:

  1. Open + Colour : open the Colour directory.

  2. Make sure that the Guard button is pressed, so that you do not accidentally apply palettes when trying to select them.

  3. Select the palette that you want to copy by pressing its button in the directory.

  4. Press the Copy key.

  5. Press the button of the location in the directory you want to copy the palette to.

Or, using the command line:

Similarly, to move a palette to a new location:

If the destination palette already exists, you will be asked to choose an option: Insert, Merge and Replace.


References to palettes refer to the palette, not its location in the directory. If you move a palette from location 3 to location 4, references to the palette still refer to it in its new location, not to another palette you put in location 3.