11.9 Understanding Cuelists

Cuelists are lists of cues, usually used to play back the cues in a defined order. A cue number is specific to each cuelist, not the entire console, so there can be a cue 1 for cuelists 1, 2 and 3. Cuelists are held in the Cuelist Directory (Figure 11.5, “The Cuelist Directory window”), and it is possible to copy or move cues between cuelists; see Copying and Moving Cues.

To open the Cuelist Directory:


Figure 11.5. The Cuelist Directory window

The cuelist directory window

To open a cuelist (Figure 11.6, “The Cuelist window”):

Or with the command line:


Figure 11.6. The Cuelist window

The cuelist window

Cuelist windows can be set to always show the same cuelist or to follow the currently chosen master: see Cuelist Feedback.