11.11 Deleting Cuelists

To delete a cuelist:

  1. List 1 Delete : deletes cuelist 1.

  2. Click OK to confirm the delete.

Or from the cuelist directory:

  1. Open + List : open cuelist directory.

  2. Check that the Guard button is selected, so that you don't accidentally activate a cuelist when pressing its button in the directory.

  3. Delete, [Cuelist 1] : delete the cuelist. You will be asked to confirm the action.


If you prefer not to be asked to confirm the delete action, select Don't Ask Me Again in the confirmation window. You can reenable the confirmation by going to SetupPreferencesProgramming and selecting Confirm before deleting directory items.


To detach a cuelist from its master rather than deleting it completely from the show file, hold Delete while pressing the master's Choose button. This removes the cuelist from the master but not from the cuelist directory.