27.1 Introduction

A fixture library is a separate file installed into the libraries folder on the console that contains dmx mappings called "fixture types" which provide Hog 4 OS with a model for controlling a fixture's programmable parameters. When new fixtures are introduced to the market new fixture types must be created to enable control of those fixtures in the Hog 4 OS. To ensure that Hog programmers have control over the latest fixtures, a Full Fixture Library is automatically installed with each Hog 4 OS Software release. In addition, full library updates and individual fixture type libraries (based on user requests) are made available on the High End Systems website between console software releases. This section will cover how to download and install fixture libraries from the High End Systems website, how to submit a request to High End for fixture types not yet available online, and how to build your own fixture types using the Fixture Builder utility included in Hog 4 OS v3.9.0 and greater.