10.4 Catalyst Previews in the Media Picker

In addition to CITP and fixture library defined preview packages, the Hog 4 OS is also capable of displaying previews for content stored on Catalyst media servers. In this section we will review how to configure D8000s for downloading Catalyst previews, how to associate Catalyst fixtures to Catalyst media servers in the patch window, and how to use the patch window to refresh cache Catalyst preview packages on the console.

10.4.1 Configuring DP8000 for Catalyst Previews

In order for the console to properly fetch and display thumnail previews for Catalyst media servers on a DP8000's FixtureNet network, the FixtureNet adapter for the DP8000 must be properly configured:

  1. Open the node settings window for the DP8000 that is connected via FixtureNet to the Catalyst media servers

  2. Select the FixtureNet tab of the node settings window

  3. Ensure that the IP address and subnet settings are appropriate for the network environment in which the Catalyst media servers are connected. This is similar to configuring the FixtureNet network adapter for Art-Net and sACN output. To better ensure connectivity it is recommended that the IP address assigned to the FixtureNet adapter be within in the same sub-network as the Catalyst it is receving preview thumnails from.

10.4.2 Patching Catalyst fixtures to Catalyst Media Servers

Once a Catalyst fixture is scheduled in the patch window and patched to a DMX output, the Catalyst fixture can then be patched to a Catalyst media server that is connected to the FixtureNet network of any active DP8000 connected to the console. Follow these steps to patch a Catalyst fixture to a Catalyst media server:

  1. Open the patch window

  2. Select the Catalyst fixture(s) you wish to associate with a Catalyst media server in the rig

  3. Press the "patch media" button at the top of the patch window

  4. Select the Catalyst tab in the media patch window

  5. Enter the IP Address of the Catalyst media server

  6. Press okay. You will now see the IP address of the Catalyst media server in the patch window listed for the Catalyst fixtures you selected in step 2. This will now associate the Catalyst fixtures in your show file with the Catalyst media servers in the rig as long as the Catalyst media server's IP remains the same.

  7. With the fixtures still selected press the "refresh media" button at the top of the patch window to fetch previews from the Catalyst


If the IP address of a Catalyst Media server in the rig changes you will need to perform the "patch media" task again.


Entering an IP address of in the Catalyst tab of the media patch window will disassociate/unpatch the selected fixtures from Catalyst media servers and revert the fixture to using the preview thumbnails in the fixture library.

10.4.3 Refreshing Catalyst Previews

Catalyst media server content may change during the programming of your show. For example, the video clip file used in the openning scene might have been changed on the Catalyst media server. The console is not automatically made aware of these content changes and so it is necessary to request new preview thumbnails from the Catalyst media server. Follow these steps to update the previews on the console:.

  1. Open the patch window

  2. Select the fixture(s) you wish to refresh the media

  3. Press the "refresh media" button at the top of the patch window. A green and white animated refresh icon will appear at the top right of the media picker window to the right of the search field. The media refresh is finished when the icon disappears.

10.4.4 Disabling Catalyst Preview Fetching on DP8000

By default Cataylyst thumbnail preview fetching is enabled on all DP8000s in new shows. To disable Cataylyst thumbnail preview fetching on a DP8000:

  1. Open the node settings window for the DP8000

  2. Select the Catalyst tab of the node setting window

  3. Deselect the enable button and hit apply