32.2 No DMX Output from Console's built-in DMX Outputs

  1. Open the control panel (setup, control panel) and select the system info tab. Ensure the serial number of the internal DMX Widget is being reported. (For HedgeHog 4 consoles two DMX Widgets should be reported). If the widget serial is listed then move to step 2 and continue troubleshootng. If it is listed as "not found" then most likely the widget's power and/or USB cable has been disconnected. Access the inside of the console and confirm the widget has power and a good USB connection to the motherboard.

  2. Open the network window (setup, network) and make sure the internal DP8000 is reporting "Outputs Active". If the internal DP8000 is reported as "offline" then log off the show and click on the settings button in the start window. Ensure that "run internal DP" is turned on and set to the appropriate net number. Log back onto the show and check output again. If console is still not ouputting DMX then proceed to step 3 and continue troubleshooting.

  3. Double check the patch window and ensure that fixtures are patched to the correct DP and dmx universes. This sounds like a simple thing to check but in some cases output is failing only due to a mis-patch. If the console is still not outputting dmx then proceed to step 4.

  4. Open the network window (setup, network) and click on the DP8000 to which the fixtures are patched. Click on the settings button. In the settings window navigate to the "DMX Widgets" tab. Ensure that the console's built-in dmx widget outputs are listed and assigned in this window. If they are not assigned and you have confirmed all the steps in this troubleshooting section then perform a full re-install of the Hog 4 OS.

  5. If a you have performed all the troubleshooting steps in this section and the problem continues to persist then please contact High End Sytems technical support for further assistance.