11.2 Record Options

11.2.1 Recording Selected Fixtures Only

Normally, recording a cue records the total contents of the Programmer or editor, but you can choose to record only the currently selected fixtures. For example:

  1. Select the fixtures that you want to record.

  2. Record

  3. Press Selected on the Record Options Toolbar.

  4. Choose : records the selected fixtures as a new cue in the cuelist on the selected master.

11.2.2 Record, Remove Values from Cues

You can remove the contents of the Programmer or editor from a previously recorded cue. For example, you might have made changes to a cue, and you want the changes to track through subsequent cues (see Tracking for an explanation of tracking). To remove parameter values:

  1. Ensure that the parameters that you want to remove are in the Programmer. The parameter values do not matter, only that the parameters have values.

  2. Record, Remove : the Remove button is on the Record Options Toolbar at the bottom of the right-hand screen.

  3. Cue 5, Enter : removes the selected parameter values from Cue 5.

To remove a whole fixture ensure that all parameters are selected. You can do this by selecting the fixture and pressing the Touch button on the Main Toolbar.