13.1 Timing Basics

With Hog 4 OS you can assign individual crossfade timings for each parameter of each fixture, giving you complete control of how each parameter changes during a cue. Because of this, there are no cue parts as found on some other consoles. Hog 4 OS gives you easy ways to assign timings for the whole cue, for individual fixtures and by parameter type (intensity, position, colour, beam, and so on) as well as for each parameter.

You can control three aspects of timing in the Hog 4 OS:

The different types of timing values are:

The different types of trigger values are:

Figure 13.1, “Cue timings” shows how the main kinds of timing and triggering values control the playback of cues.

Figure 13.1. Cue timings

Cue timings

Hog 4 OS allows you to assign timings to each parameter of each fixture in a cue, scene or palette. Often, you will want to assign the same value to every fixture parameter; this is described in Fade, Delay, and Path. Assigning timings for individual parameters is described in Individual Parameter Timings.