8.2 Using Palettes in Programming

In the Programmer or editor, you can apply a palette by selecting it from its directory window. The palette will be applied to the current fixture selection, as long as the palette contains parameter information for the selected fixtures. Doing so assigns the parameter value to be a reference to the palette. A palette that puts all Studio Colors in the rig to deep red will therefore apply this immediately to any Studio Colors that are in the current selection; see Figure 8.1, “Example of Parameters set to reference a Palette”.

For example:

  1. Open + Colour : open the Colour Directory window.

  2. 3 Thru 5 : select the fixtures.

  3. [Colour 2] : select the palette from the Colour Directory window.

Or, using the command line:

Figure 8.1. Example of Parameters set to reference a Palette

Screenshot fragment, showing parameters set to a colour palette reference [Palette 2].