28.5 Configuring the Console for Visualizer Connectivity

28.5.1 Enabling the Visualizer Stream on the Console

  1. Navigate to the start screen of Hog 4 OS and click on the settings button.

  2. Enable the "Run Visualizer Stream" button and click okay.

    Launcher Settings Window on Console

28.5.2 Configuring a Show for Visualizer Connectivity

  1. Load a new or existing show file on your console.

  2. Open the network window (setup, network).

  3. Click on the visualizer node listed in the network window.

  4. Click on the settings button located at the top of the network window. This will open the visualizer settings window.

  5. Enter the IP address of the visualizer PC into the "visualizer IP address" field.

    If a visualizer is already running on the network you can use the "detected visualizers" drop down menu to auto-populate the IP address and visualizer manfucaturer fields.

    In you are using WYSIWYG, all steps listed in WYSIWYG Configuration must be completed in order for WYSIWYG to be listed as detected visualizer.

  6. Select the appropriate visualizer provider from the visualizer manufacturer drop down menu.

  7. The Hog 4 visualizer connectivity supports multiple DMX Processors dependent upon the number of universes supported by your visualizer and/or license. You can connect any universe on any of the patched DPs within your show to any universe within the visualizer. For example, to assign visualizer universe 3 to respond to output from DMX Processor 2 universe 3, simply locate DP# 2, Universe 3 in visualizer node settings window, click on the button and select 3.

    Screenshot of Visualizer Node settings; configuring
										universes section
  8. Click okay to apply the changes. If your show file is appropriately patched and your visualizer is running and assigned to listen to Hog connectivity input then you should now have control over the visualizer from you console.