28.2 Installing the Hog Connectivity Application on the Visualizer PC

You can download the current Hog 4 Connectivity installation application from the High End Systems website: www.highend.com or you can select to install the connectivity driver when installing Hog 4 PC. The following instructions assume you are running the separate connectivity driver installation.

To install the connectivity application:

  1. Double click the HogConnect_x-x-x-x.msi file to launch the install wizard.

  2. The Hog Connect installer will check your operating system and windows installer versions, and then display the welcome screen. Press Next to begin the installation process.

    Visualiser Connectivity installer, page 1
  3. The wizard displays an End User License Agreement.

    Visualiser Connectivity installer, page 2

    After you select I accept the terms in the License Agreement, press Next to continue.

  4. The installer now shows you which features of the Hog Connect application are going to be installed and into which location. Do not make any changes to the install location as most 3rd party visualizer applications are hard coded to point to the default installation directory and changing this option could lead to failure of the connectivity driver to start properly. Press Next to continue.

    Visualiser Connectivity installer, page 3
  5. This prompts a Ready to Install screen with instructions on beginning or canceling the installation. Press Install to begin installing.

    Visualiser Connectivity installer, page 4
  6. Installation: during the installation a progress bar will be shown:

    Visualiser Connectivity installer, page 5
  7. Completing the installation: when the installation is complete, press Finish to exit the installer.

    Visualiser Connectivity installer, page 6