Encoding Collage Generator™ footage using PixelTools Expert-HD

Input/Output Settings

We will be making settings for a “1 X 1”, 1024 X 768 DL.2 Collage Generator Movie. ExpertHD can make the other panoramic collages sizes. (check-out the DL.2 Collage Generator™ support page for more information on additional size configurations)

  1. Launch ExpertHD.
  2. In the Basic Encoding Profile section you can create, save and load settings. For first time use, use the default ExpertHD.ini settings which load automatically.
  3. In the Encode Input section, select the file you want to convert. ExpertHD will import .mov, and .avi file types by clicking on File.
  4. In the Encode Output section, click on Output to select the location you want the file to be converted to. Give the output file a name and include the extension “.mpg” so it will be saved as an MPEG-2 file. (example image)

Optimize Encoder Settings

This first step in PreProcess is not a requirement, but for those who want to make a final adjustment to the sharpness of the final video can follow this part. If you do not want to make any adjustments, you can skip to the Configuring section.

PreProcess (Advanced users)

  1. In the Optimize Encode section, click on Preprocess.
  2. Select the Filter tab. (example image)
  3. You can select from any of the choices in the left column to vary the degree of sharpness or softness for your video. More advanced users can select the User Defined option and manually input data into the chart to their liking, and save their custom setting to re-use later. (example image)
  4. Click OK.


  1. In the tab Number of Frames, type the word ALL in all caps. (example image) I you are running the DEMO version of this software; you will need to enter the number of frames of your video clip. Move to the next tab.
  2. In the BitRate tab, select the custom option and enter “15,000,000-20,000,000” (More detailed files would benifit from a higher bit rate). (example image) Raising the Bit Rate above the suggested maximum can hinder the server’s performance. Move to the next tab.
  3. In the Parameters tab you will be making several changes. Refer to the picture if you have any questions. (example image)
    • N (GOP Size) - Select (1).
    • M (P Frame Dist) - Select (1).
    • Output Frame Rate- Match the settings of your video clip. The standards are 24, 29.97fps and 30fps.
    • Compressed Image Size - Match to the size of your video clip. The desired image size needs to be set when the content is first rendered. You can refer to the DL.2 Collage Generator™ support site for other panoramic configuration sizes. It is not recommended to exceed the High End Systems recommended image sizes. Sequence Style - Make sure that both Closed GOPs and End of Sequence are checked.
    • Sequence Headers - Select Each GOP.
    • MPEG-2 Options - Make sure Mpeg 2 is checked and then click Parameters

MPEG-2 Options

  1. Level - Select High 1440.
  2. Profile - Select High.
  3. Field/Frame Encoding - Both Progressive Sequence and Progressive Frame are checked. For Interlaced video also select Top Field First. (example image)
  4. Pan and Scan - Match to the size of your footage.
  5. When finished click Apply. In the Configure window click OK. (example image)


When you have made all your selections press Run in the main window and your video will be converted to Mpeg-2. (example image)

A Final Note: The DL.2 will play 3 standard stock or user encoded movies encoded at 12,000,000 bps at a size of 640 X 480, or 1 HD movie and 1 standard size movie.