Digital Lighting Stock Content Guide


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This page lists thumbnail images of Stock Animation loops, stills images and objects for DL.2, Axon and DL.3. The thumbnails of footage files, when clicked will bring up a small version of the movie that plays.
* Note By right clicking on the loaded movie file you can save the files to you computer to help you further refrence individual files.

The DL.3 and Axon ships with over 1500 items of video footage and still images, DL.2 and some older Axon are loaded with 1000 items of video footage and still images optimized for Lighting Design *. Use any media content file as a texture on up to 3 stock objects and apply effects to create a virtually unlimited number of looks.

* Stock Content Usage Notice
High End Systems has agreements in place with all stock content providers that allow DL.2, DL.3 and Axon users to use stock content royalty-free in the manner outlined below.
The collection of footage is supplied as royalty free for High End Systems use and distribution in its Lighting Products. High End Systems sells its digital lighting products to dealers and distributors. High End Systems digital lighting products can be rented for the purpose of Concerts, Theatre, Television, Fixed Installation, Theme Parks, Industrial Shows and other venues and as such may be televised or broadcast. The collection of footage supplied as a component of High End Systems digital lighting products may be used for such purposes.

                    All footage links below may take a few seconds to load, Quicktime is required.