Elevated temperature test

Test for Blue Screen Error when Rebooting Computer while running at Elevated Ambient Temperatures

The HES Digital Lighting Server computers are all built with industry standard components utilizing

Purpose: Test for QC department to catch failing computer components that can cause blue screen errors when rebooting the server computer which has been operating at elevated ambient temperatures. Also a simple test that can be given to users to troubleshoot possible blue screen errors.


  1. With the fixture powered off, remove top box cover on Menu side of top box
  2. Loosen menu panel from top box
  3. Disconnect Top Box fan connections. These are circled in red on image below.
  4. Replace menu panel and top box cover
  5. Power on the fixture
  6. After fixture has fully booted, turn Self Test Video Pattern 1 on. This is found in the TEST -> SELF TEST tab of the menu

    When the test pattern is on, the following image should be seen from the output:
  7. Allow fixture to run like this for 10 minutes
  8. Power off the fixture, allow to sit for 5 seconds, power fixture back on
  9. If the fixture fully boots to an operation state, Blue Screen error due to elevated operating temperature is unlikely.